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Engine Swap

Right, well, a little background first. This has been my plan (vision) since the day I bought my car. I WANNA SOUP IT UP!!!

Like my wife says, "It's your toy honey, do with it what you want!!!" I like the sounds of that!

So indeed that's exactly what I've done. In this section, I'll cover the engine swap. The original motor is a 2.895 Liter 90º PRV V6.

What I'm trying to stuff into this beast is an '88 Eagle Premier 3.0 Liter 90º V6 put together by a very nice gentleman by the name of Edward Ghesquire.

He's some kind of genius when it comes to this stuff.

It's essentially the same block, only with a little more flexibility on how you can "Beef" it up. I will post specs (if Ed lets me!!) on the new motor later. It is really an impressive piece of machinery.

So Now for some pictures!! Click on the pictures for a more detailed view.

Here I installed the ECU first. I found that by putting the ECU here, I can see the L.E.D.'s without having to open the cover where the old computer was. Plus it gets it out of the way.

This pic is of my area behind the seats getting prepped for the ECU

This is where the Haltech sits. Originally I was using a MegaSquirt-n-Spark-n-Extra which  was mounted by where the engine release lever was.

(picture to be added later)

This is the work area. No, it does not always look like this.

This is the turbo charger for the new motor.

New motor on the pallet. Just came in.

New motor on the engine stand.

Just started to pull the old motor out. Got the rear fascia off, and rear engine bay.

Started prepping the motor for installation. This is just after I installed the ignition wires. Pretty eh?

Jacked the back end of the car off the ground. Most everything is a lot easier to get to from underneath.

More stuff coming off.

Found a number behind the rear bumper. Was it the number of the frame? Or was it intended for a car with the VIN ending in this number? Who knows...

Finally got the old motor out.

Cleaned up the engine bay for the new motor.

Time to put the new motor into the engine bay, and mount it to the transaxle.

AHHHH!!! Finally got the new motor in, and bolted down.

Started installing (designing) the throttle linkage. I ended up modifying the stock DeLorean throttle linkage to work with the new motor.

The throttle linkage went through some changes, but this is the final product. By the time this photo was taken, I had already installed the engine coolant lines.

Now it's time for exhaust, wiring, and vacuum line plumbing. In the last picture, you can get a glimpse of the turbo charger just to the left of the harmonic balancer.

Added on Nov. 12 2007

Here is shot of where the intercooler is going.

Now for wiring up the stock electrical harness to work with the new motor. First I had to remove a bunch of wires. I will post pics later of what I had to remove.

Here you can see that I'm wrapping the new wire harness back up. I had to use the old (recycled) wire wrap. Apparently you can't buy this stuff anymore. All of the car parts places say "Use this black electrical tape!!" I don't think so. That stuff gets sticky gooey after  a while.

Added on Nov 17 2007

Just wanted to show off some serpentine action. Finally got the new AC compressor with the correct pulley on it. Got all of the serpentine routing done.

Here is my son working on the intercooler piping with me. Getting him started early. He's only 8. :)

Here is the turbo/intercooler lines completed. Also the turbo is installed. Now all I have to do is complete the exhaust, and finish the computer stuff.

<--eventually this elbow will go away. It'll be a welded joint.

Added on Nov 22 2007

As you can see, I've put the car back together. All of the rear facia and "stuff" is back on/reassembled. I'm ready to start the car, but I've gotta wait for more parts. I will post video of the car running once I've got it started.

It doesn't look any different from outside the car, until you "pop the hood".