Samantha's Customized DeLorean


It all started in June of 2002. I saw this car at a used car dealership

in Sacramento CA. I wasn't sure what kind of car it was, but I knew

that I wanted it. So, I bought it. This is what it looked like when I

brought it home.

Now, I've always been into modifying things (mostly cars). First,

there was the 1972 Pinto wagon. The 4 banger came out, and the

massive HO 5.0 Mustang motor went in. Then, there was the V8

Vega. Well OK, I know that the DeLorean is a collectors car, but

after joining the Northern CA DeLorean Car Club, and seeing all

those pristine DeLoreans, I had to do something to it. So the first

rule of customizing is looks. Out with the old rims, in with the

cool racing rims. Wow, what a difference. Drum roll please!!!

Not enough? Well what do you think about my interior?

                      (yup!!! it’s gotta go!!!!)

So, how's that? Different seats? New headliner? Sport steering wheel?

OK. How does it look now? Notice the addition of a third pedal? I

changed the automatic 3 speed to a 5 speed!! I threw in a picture from a while ago so you can see the difference.


So? what about the instrument cluster? I didn't like the old one at all. Can you tell? Also notice the difference in speedos. It's still not done yet, but you get the idea.


Here is information on the 88 Eagle Premier upgrade. Just click on the motor.-->